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  Commercial HVAC Service & Installation
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Some our recent projects include the following:

LEED HVAC project for South Bay Construction corporate offices
Consisted of 8 new high efficient YORK units. spiral duct and 12 private offices

Complete two story HVAC for Mclarney Construction
Consisted of 8 new high efficient Lennox units and exposed spiral ductwork

Ground up two story building for South Bay Construction
Consisted of four Lennox VAV units, boiler, distribution ductwork and VAV boxes

Server room for McLarney Construction
Consisted of two 10 ton split systems and two 12.5 ton roof top AC units with ductwork for hot
and cold isles

Clean room and labs for Finn Corp
Consisted of two 15 ton and two 3 ton AC units with HEPA filters, chemical exhaust hoods and ductwork

Bakery for South Bay Construction
Consisting of evaporative coolers, Make up air heaters and type 1 and 2 exhaust systems

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